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Chris Williamson Robbie Pitt

Chris began with SEQEB, his apprenticeship mainly focused on distribution systems and substations. He began training in 1987 (Group 27) with TAFE Queensland. In 1996, Chris was employed by QUSITAB, developing training materials for the electrical industry (Contracting). In 1999 he worked at the ELB (now the Electrical Safety Office) while still teaching night classes at TAFE. In 2003, he launched QET, and began teaching all over the world in process control, automation, and electrical troubleshooting. Since 2005, Chris has worked solely for QET in Australia, providing training in QLD, NSW and Northern Territory, and also performing industrial automation as an electrical contractor. Chris has a trade background, and has over 20 years of tertiary study. He holds an Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering (1982), Diploma in Adult and Vocational Education (1988) completed three years in the degree in Electrical Engineering (too difficult to complete when trying to do so via correspondence in Emerald), Degree in Information Technology (2000) and has held his Electrical Contractor's licence since 1984. Chris has held his CEC licence since 2008. Chris has also completed TAFE training in Radio, TV, and numerous PLC courses.

Robert began his apprenticeship in 1969 and then went on to complete a course in Industrial Electronics. Robert worked for many contracting companies in his earlier life, gaining valuable experience in industrial electronics and battery systems. In the early 1990s, he began his own company A1 Solar, and has been installing both on-grid and off grid solar arrays, inverters, generators for over thirty years and battery storage systems for over fifty years.

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