The advantages of this method of delivery are as follows:

  1. It allows you to study from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in Queensland, anywhere in Australia, in fact anywhere in the world.
  2. You don’t need to worry about travelling to and from college, driving during peak hour, searching for a car park, finding the room, canteen food for dinner etc.
  3. You study at times suitable to you and at your own pace.  If you want to complete the course faster, you can.  The examination is when you’re ready, not when the teacher and the rest of the class are ready.
  4. If you come unstuck with the training, call me or preferably email me.  QET has been doing this training for over 10 years and the books have been improved continuously to reduce the emails and calls.  The number of calls and emails are very minimal now.

The disadvantages of this method of delivery are as follows:

  1. You become responsible for your training – there are no lectures you have to go to, there are no predetermined start and finish times – the exam is when you want.  This method of training is not suitable for someone that needs structure and set guidelines.
  2. Home study is difficult when you have family commitments and/or little ones running around wanting you to play.  You must set a time and a place to allow you to study.
  3. If your Supervisor can't help you, it makes it more difficult for you.   Keep on him, he can't have forgotten it all.
  4. If you are outside Brisbane, you are required to travel to Brisbane to undertake the written examinations.  QET believes that it is important that any Qualification is only given to those that have put in the hard work and earned it.  This is accomplished by being examined in Brisbane under the scrutiny of QET staff.

QET believes this mode of delivery is suitable for:

  • Electrical Mechanics or Restricted Licence holders seeking an Electrical Contracting licence,
  • Electrical Mechanics seeking their Electrical Mechanic’s Licence or Electrical Fitter’s Licence, or
  • Electrical Fitters seeking their Electrical Mechanic’s Licence or Electrical Fitter’s Licence

 as the training is only complementing qualifications and experience you already have.

Although QET has prepared learning guides for the Restricted Training and for the Test and Tag Course, it has been found in the past that this mode of delivery is unsuitable since the training is basically teaching you new concepts, new vocational skills, a totally different field altogether.  I have had same success with Fridgies wanting to do the training this way as it overlaps the training they have already received – though even the fridgies found it hard.

For the Restricted Training and for the Test and Tag Course, QET recommends full-time mode, where the total delivery can be completed as quickly as possible, and also allows our country cousins to come to the Big Smoke, complete the training, then get back home.  Click here to see when our next restricted and 'test and tag' courses will be run.