Electrical mechanics can perform the work of an electrical fitter and install wiring systems. In other words, electrical mechanics can maintain and repair electrical equipment AND run the cabling between electrical equipment. For example, an electrical mechanic can wire up a domestic, commercial or industrial installation, and repair or replace electrical equipment.

The Electrical Safety Act states the requirements for an Electrical Mechanic Licence. QET assists those people that have come from overseas and has applied for and received an Australian Recognised Trade Certificate (ARTC) as electrical mechanic or has received an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR). The Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) is a more common document as this replaced the ARTC in 2007. Strangely enough, I still see the ARTC documents and therefore feel that it is important to mention them both.

If you come from overseas and wish to work as an electrician here in Queensland, you first need to apply for an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) from a suitable training organisation such as Future Skills International.

You may have received your OTSR from overseas through the VETASSESS programme. This is an offshore technical skills record stating that the candidate has been assessed as having particular competencies, but no Australian experience.

Now that you have an ARTC as an Electrical Mechanic or an OTSR, you need to apply for your electrical mechanic licence with this application form and send it to the Electrical Licensing Dept along with a current CPR Certificate (current means less than 1 year)

The Electrical Licensing Dept will send you a Training Permit to allow you to perform electrical work under supervision.

You now need to seek employment as an electrical mechanic to gain on-job experience in working under the Australian Standards Framework.

At the same time, QET offers the following Certificate course:

UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician.

QET assesses against all competencies required to be an electrical mechanic.

Once both the on-job and off-job training is completed, a Form 31 and a Completion Statement, signed by your employer, yourself, and QET, is forwarded to the Electrical Licensing Dept for the issue of your electrical Mechanic licence.

FURTHER INFORMATION including costs etc.

Please email Chris at chris@qet.edu.au and QET will provide you a letter of offer for the training. If you wish to undertake this training, we will need to verify that you hold either the ARTC as an electrical mechanic, OTSR documentation, or similar, and that you have applied for your electrical mechanic training permit. Please include a scanned copy of your ARTC, OTSR documentation, or similar, your electrical mechanic Training Permit and the contact details of your licensed supervisor. If you cannot scan, just take a photo and attach the photos to an email, otherwise you will have to send a copy to me by post.