The Electrical Safety Act states the requirements for an Electrical Contractors Licence. Eligibility requirements for an electrical contractor licence calls for the business to have at least one Qualified Technical Person (QTP) and one Qualified Business Person (QBP) (This can be two different people or the same person). Provided you have a current restricted electrical work licence, or, for those wanting to set up a Test and Tag business, have completed the competency UEENEEP008 or UEENEEP026, then you already meet the requirements of a QTP. This means you need to only meet the requirements of QBP. Policies regarding QTP and QBP do change, and I always just check with the Electrical Safety Office prior to starting anybody's training in this area.


If you are training for your electrical contractors licence without having completed any business modules/competencies before and without five years business experience, then, it would be advisable to just complete BSBSMB401A.

FURTHER INFORMATION including costs etc.

Please email Chris at and QET will provide you a letter of offer for the training. PLEASE make sure that your Electrical Work licence is current or that the test and tag competency you completed is either UEENEEP008 or UEENEEP026A. If this is not the case, you will not be issued an electrical contractor licence even after our training.